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Schedule a telehealth or in-person appointment with a Colorado Mountain Medical primary care provider or family doctor in 雅芳, 狄龙, 鹰与面纱, CO.

Family Medicine in 雅芳, 狄龙, 鹰 & 维尔,有限公司

When it comes to your family, you want the best possible care. Our compassionate and knowledgeable family medicine primary care doctors deliver comprehensive healthcare for patients of all ages. This multi-generational dedication provides you consistency in your healthcare that can last a lifetime. We emphasize healthy habits, lifestyle changes and disease prevention to help you achieve your best possible health. Our doctors are also skilled in the diagnosis and management of chronic and acute illnesses, behavioral health, 紧急护理, non-surgical orthopaedics, 和更多的.  

Choosing Your Healthcare Provider

Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant?

Your family deserves high quality healthcare with providers you know and trust. Did you know that your healthcare provider for you and your family can be a doctor (MD or DO), nurse practitioner (NP), or a physician assistant (PA)? All three medical personnel are well qualified, but what are the differences? Learn more about the differences of an MD, NP and PA by clicking here.

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A Team Approach: Advanced Practice 供应商

If you are having difficulty getting an appointment with a physician at Colorado Mountain Medical, consider scheduling with an Advanced Practice Provider (APP). APPs are Physician Assistants (PAs) or Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who are essential members of your physician’s team. Due to their specialized training and credentials, APPs help manage the majority of cases while collaborating closely with physicians. APPs and physicians share caseloads to improve patient access and provide the same great quality of care that your physician would provide. 

Family Medicine APPs:
Andrea Hutchinson is the APP for Dr. Vickerman and Dr. Voytko
约翰Nykreim is the APP for Dr. 登特和博士. 登霍森

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Are You Looking for a Primary Care Internal Medicine Provider?

Colorado Mountain Medical treats patients in all areas of internal medicine including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and asthma in adults of all ages. Our internists serve as primary care physicians and are called upon to act as consultants to specialists throughout the continuum of care.

Primary Care Internal Medicine 供应商 > 

Howard Head Sports Medicine's Brain & 平衡

Colorado Mountain Medical's primary care providers work with 维尔 Health Howard Head Sports Medicine’s brain and balance specialists to treat concussions, vertigo and aging which can compromise the vestibular system, causing headaches, balance impairment and sometimes dizziness. 

Howard Head Brain & 平衡 >

Need Back-to-School 形式?

Requesting back-to-school, 夏令营, medication administration and sports permission clearance forms are easy to request by email. 

简单的电子邮件 儿科 with your child's name, 出生日期, primary care provider/儿科ian’s name and the type of form you need. Emails are answered within three business days, and completed forms will be sent back to you via secure email.

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